2 thoughts on “Darwin and Diversity

  1. This is correct, that,s adaption . The same thing happened with the white moth population that died out in England in the industrial revolution because the white moths used to land on white trees to hide them self’s against birds, but the smoke of the new factories close by made the trees brown with soot. Most of the Moths were white but some were brown. the brown Moths survived. Evolutionist at the time used this to say Darwin was correct, as if they were transformed into another species. But it was only something like skin color that saved them. Later White moths came back from Brown Moths. This is just Genetic diversity between one identical species, same as example from Richard about Bacteria resisting penicillin . Those Bacteria are still the same species just a different and diverse change within the DNA of that species that is resistant. God is about Numbers, in that pretri dish of Richards, there were some Bacteria that had the resistance already they survived and multiplied thats diversity. Gods wants all animals to stay as they are and not mutate, this is against his creation, so he gave us Diversity.

  2. Darwin was a racist pig look up his name he gave the title of his book. The full title… U will see the truth

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